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Hi,,,I'm Nadia! A sarcastic, independent girl who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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My journal is mostly filled with the things that I like.

1. All kind of music but mainly Brit and alternatives
2. Travel
3. Fashion
4. Food
5. INDONESIA, yes I'm a proud citizen of Indonesia
6. Hang out places
7. Theater
8. ME,,,,all about me!

If you stumble across my journal and you like it, pls do add me! I'll add you guys back for sure!
Thank you, hope you enjoy reading my journal

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Gajimu Launching Events

hip hip hooray,,,,my work is DONE!

For the past weeks my worklife is hell! It consumes all of my time and energy, I didn't have time to relax. This is the first event that I've done myself so I'm proud of it.

I work at Gajimu/WageIndicator site. Gajimu is a site for us to share and compare our salaries, it has the facilities like salary survey and salary check. I'm responsible of the content for Gajimu site. If you have time, pls do visit the site, it's full of information for workers.

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Two Doors Cinema Club live in Jakarta

For the first time ever in South East Asia
We welcome

Two Doors Cinema Club!


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in the end there's a confetti toss into the air! Nice!! btw, on the video, i'm terribly sorry for my off tune singing voice and my unsteady hands coz i move a lot!

*Alex drinks wine during the concert
*Two of them talk in Bahasa
*Guitar effects in costume party is wow!
*I laugh when all the audience does the intro on "I can talk"
*There's so many beautiful girl! and they're all freakin skinny!
*This is the first time they travel to South East Asia and Indonesia is their first destination

Lucky to catch you guys here in Indonesia! waiting for your new album!
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11 people that UNITE millions

What is soccer? For me, soccer is one important element that can strengthen unity and togetherness among all people throughout the nation. Indonesia is one of the country that has a great fondness in soccer. Even though Indonesian's squad (we call it TimNas) has a long history of it's up and down but we keep on cheering them.


Kinda sad when i know that politician using TimNas popularity as a political tool and when i see the the media exploitation/media exposed which ruin their mentality, soccer supposed to be fun! It's was nice to see TimNas having some fun in the pre-eliminary game.

However despite all that, Indonesia played very beautifully and attractively in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, which had just ended. Indonesia failed to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, but it succesfully moved hundreds of million of people worldwide. And it wins the hearts of Indonesian.

Proud of all the Indonesian supporter's that accept defeat with a smile and keep yelling INDONESIA's name!

Soccer has once again unite the nation, at least in the last 2 weeks. Millions and millions of people nationwide consistently talked about their nation soccer team, wore their red color jersey, and shared their pride with counterparts worldwide.

Thank you Firman, Arif, Bustomi, Gonzales, Nasuha, Hamka, Maman, Ridwan, Okto, Zulkifli, Bambang, Irfan, Yongki, Markus and all Tim Nasional Indonesia for showing me amazing games

Thank you Alfred Riedl for standing up for us!

Thank you Indonesian supporter's,,,,you guys are just WOW!!!
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The Temper Trap live in Jakarta

 it's finally here!!! The concert that i've been waiting for!!! This is the great closing concert of the year! woooohooooo,,,,give it up to

The Temper Trap!!!

the temper trap

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Wow,,,it's LOOOOONG! Overwhelm with the exitement! Too bad i didn't get to see The Raveonettes in Bandung, because they both perform at the same day at different places! I heard The Flaming Lips concert in Singapore were awesome! I wish i got money to go there,,,ok then,,,get ready with my next post,,,